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The Secret Of The Perfect Kiss

Set The Mood Set the mood by treating her like a queen. Take care of her every need so she can just lay back and…

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Sex trap, advice for men, advice for women, dating, date

The Sex Trap: When Singles Confuse Sex and Love

As I had my morning coffee, the “Dear Abby” column caught my eye. A reader wrote in with a dating dilemma and ended her letter…

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dating advice for men, dating advice for women, dating, date, first date, dating ideas

The Shady Side of Dating & How to Avoid the Big Trap – Dating Advice for Men

One of the most recurring mental blocks men face before they date is their eagerness to plunge into a deep, stable and unbreakable relationship. We…

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relationship fights, advice for men, advice for women, dating, sex

Will You Survive a Relationship Breakdown?

Relationships connect us in this world with each other. We have many kinds of relationships-parental, sibling, friends, professional and love. We go through many phases…

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Love letter, advice for men, advice for men, love, relationship, sex

6 Steps to Write Your Own Love Letter

You want to tell your partner how you feel about them but you end up staring at a blank screen for so long you give…

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You Can Improve Your Relationship

It seems as if creating successful relationships with our significant others and parenting children are two of the most difficult jobs we face and yet…

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sexual past, advice for men, advice for women, dating, sex relationship

Your Sexual Past – Does it Bother your Boyfriend?

The last thing your boyfriend wants to think about is another guy having been with you (whether we’re talking about sex or just hooking up).…

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Lovable, be loved, get love, advice for men, advice for women

Are You Lovable?

This looks like an awkward question. We will confess that he/she is not lovable? But the truth is that many of us are not lovable…

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Relax, learn to relax, big date, first date

8 Ways to Relax Before a Big Date

Relax! Quickly! So you haven’t been out on a date in awhile and you’re nervous that you’ll do or say the wrong thing. Or perhaps…

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Baby Got Back!

Awesome Sir Mix A Lot video!

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