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First Date Tips For Women

Someone asked you out for a dinner date? You must be very happy right now especially if the guy who invited you is someone who you like as well. However, thinking about your upcoming first date sends butterflies in your stomach. If you can’t figure out what to do, here are some tips that can get you through that special night.


Ultimate First Date Tip: Relax and Be Yourself


first date - relax


He wants to date the real you. So don’t try too hard to be someone that you are not. There’s no need to make him laugh or push yourself to land a great impression. Just be cool, relax and enjoy the night together.


Dress Smart


first date - dress


Pick an outfit that makes you look beautiful without sacrificing your own comfort. Your dress should match the kind of date that you will be having. If you will have a picnic together, wearing high heels would seem so off.


Show Respect


first date - show respect


First, don’t be late on your first date and on the succeeding dates to come. Be polite to restaurant waiters and give undivided attention to your partner. If he is very interested in you, he would feel bad if you keep on using your phone while the both of you are engaged in a conversation. Be present in the discussion and don’t let your mind slip away.


Let Him Take The Lead


first date - take the lead


If he decided to pay, let him do so. If you are the first to offer a split bill, be ready to pay if he agrees. Mind that he may also be trying to figure out first date rules as well. If he doesn’t do well, give him a chance to redeem himself. After all, it is the intention that really counts.


Be Decisive


first date - decisive


Don’t leave all decisions to your partner. If he asks you to select an option, choose one. Don’t waste the time trying to let him figure out what you wanted to do, eat or drink while having a date.


Admit Mistakes


first date - admit mistakes


If you said something you think is wrong, don’t hesitate to take your words back. If you happened to forget about things or your mind went blank, tell your date and apologize. That way, the conversation and the whole night would be a lot more comfortable for the both of you.


Set Limitations


first date - boundaries


It is good to be comfortable on your first date. However, sharing everything about yourself would be too much. Learn to set limits and save something to talk about on your next dates. Before or while having a date, establish physical boundaries. Let it be clear that him being so touchy would make you feel uncomfortable.

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