Short Men Will Be More Confident With These Awesome Dating Tips

Height may be an issue for some men in the dating world. According to recent studies, women prefer men who are around 8 inches taller than them. As an average woman is around 5’5″,  you must be aware that the bar has been set at around 6′. So if you came in short, you may need to work on some things first.


Researches show that sense of protection is what makes ladies choose a Yao Ming over a Zac Efron. Back in the old ages, taller men seem to be good defenders which is why cave girls had a thing for them. But don’t fret. There are things you can do to put away height from the question. Here are some smart dating tips specifically dedicated to short men.


Wear The Right Kind Of Wardrobe


short men - casual wear


Wearing the wrong stuff can make you look shorter. If you have a date or simply going outside to but some groceries, be mindful about the clothes you wear. Add inches in the right places of your wardrobe. Hem all of your pants and sleeves to make them shorter. Having bunched fabric in your wrist and heel areas won’t be of any good to you.


The next rule is to elongate your body with wearables that promote a streamlined look. Put on monochromatic color schemes like dark shirts and dark pants. Wearing white shirt over dark-colored pants will only draw attention to your short frame.


Beat Insecurity


short men - confidence


In making a good impression, it is always important to be confident about your appearance. Wear that flashy smile of yours and drown her with your positive aura. Don’t let her see that you are too conscious of your height. If she sensed your insecurity, she might be turned off due to your lack of confidence and not because of how you look like.


Short Men Can Flirt Better Without Saying A Word

short men - flirt


Too much stare can make women feel uncomfortable. This is a scary gesture if done by men of average height. On the other hand, shorter guys can make use of frequent eye contact to their advantage. As they seem to be less threatening, gazing for more than three seconds could mean pure attraction to her. A sign that a man is really interested in a woman.


Don’t Lie In Your Online Dating Profile


short men - online profile


Let us say that you stand 5’5″ in height. Adding up an inch won’t be bad. But fudging a 5’9″ height in your online dating profile will make you look insecure. Your ultimate goal is to end up with someone who will accept you for who you are. So if you don’t want your date to dump you at the very first second for lying, be honest about your height and the rest of your appearance.


Stand Face To Face


short men - face to face


There’s a reason why men are side by side when making friends. And that’s because when you interact face to face with a guy, it can be intimidating. But when it comes to short men, they have another advantage to not intimidate a woman while standing face to face with her. Women bond head-on and the more you flirt the same way as hers, that will make her a lot easier to open up.

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