date a nerd guy

How To Date A Nerdy Guy

Want to date a nerdy guy? Why not?


Some nerds are hotter than sporty guys. What makes them even hotter is the fact that they are not aware of it. So if you are just into dating a brainy lad, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Check out these tips and ideas to make the relationship work.




date a nerd guy - respect


In every relationship, R-E-S-P-E-C-T plays a big role to keep it healthy. Guys love this kind of regard. Though it does not seem to be obvious, a man sees respect as a default variable. It should always be there. With nerds, this is far more required. As geeky people, they may be ridiculed since childhood and they feel that respect is what they always deserve. Respect them as a person and not just because of what they are good at.


Emotions are clues


date a nerd guy - emotion


Nerds usually does not value emotions. This may sound weird but according to observations, nerd guys have the tendency to offend people without noticing it. So if they put so much concern on how you feel, the geek must be really into you. A lot.


Listen to the nerd guy


date a nerd guy - listen


Going back to respect, they may fish for this by trying to impress you with what they know. Learn to listen with all they would like to say. Try not to blow them off even if they are talking about something that you don’t care about. Simply find the chance to speak and steal away his focus by talking about a different matter.


Explanations are important


date a nerd guy - explain


Unlike other types of people, nerds are good listeners. This means that they would appreciate further elaboration of how you feel about a topic or a hobby. You may know more about “normal” things so introduce him to something that you are interested in. If the nerd guy is serious in the relationship, you get a huge opportunity to make a movie buddy out of him without blowing you off.


Conflicts are normal


date a nerd guy - conflict


Every relationship has its ups and downs. Like any other romance, conflicts may come to test the relationship you built with someone. As for a relationship with a nerd, it would be easier to work out issues in a logical manner. They are willing to listen, try out some things that may help and understand as much as they can. Don’t go too emotional when dealing with problems as nerd guys certainly won’t like it.

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