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Facts About Dating A Younger Guy

Dating a younger guy has its pros and cons. For a woman to invite a lad in her life, there are some important things that she need to remind herself of. The societal perception has further improved in the past 10 years. With that being said, the only concern for a woman like you is how to make this kind of relationship last. Here are some interesting truths about dating a younger guy.


A Younger Guy Has More Stamina


younger guy - stamina


You will experience a rejuvenating relationship with a younger guy. The oozing strength and stamina of a lad can influence you to be happier and healthier. Guys like this wake up early even on a very lazy day to cook or buy you food. He can have sex with you for very long hours for as long as your vagina can handle it.


They Are Not As Independent As You Are


younger guy - dependent


Despite the energy, they may not be as independent and brainy as you are. In some point of the relationship, you will find him to be easily intimidated. Lack in experience in different aspects of life may impact their confidence leaving you with all the decisions and making plans.

They Are Eager To Satisfy


younger guy - satisfy


With energy as their bread and butter, it is very unlikely for them to be selfish in bed. Younger guys will do their best to learn how to please you. He will find a way to sexually prove himself. Since you are older, the lad will eagerly listen to all of your sex advice and even take notes! You are in control and yes, he can be your slave where you can tickle every inch of his body.


Younger Guys Are Open-Minded


younger guy - open minded


Unlike the old ones, young men can satiate all of your sexual fantasies. That means, he will let you use his body to your satisfaction even if you wanted to put things in his butt. So what are you waiting for? Indulge!


They Are Drama Free


younger guy - no drama


Younger men are still into having fun, adventures and building their career. Being the senior in the relationship, they won’t feel the need to battle for the position. You can boss around with no dramas. He is more likely to take advice from you without bruising his ego. A younger guy will also let you do almost all the things that you want in your life. They can be very supportive and less-judgmental.


They Can Be Immature…


younger guy - immature


Play with babies and you may end up cleaning diapers. Some of them may be hard to get along with due to age gap or plain immaturity. A young man may be insensitive or sneaky. You may find them flirting with other girls or have unfinished businesses with their ex-partners. So don’t get shocked with the Facebook flings and disgusting pictures still saved in his  social media profile.


Or Mature Enough


younger guy - mature


With the current technology and fast-paced environment, it may still be surprising for you to find a younger lad that matches your maturity. Believe it or not, this is very possible. Once you found him and he instantly fell in love with all that you are, that is worth more than a million bucks.


But It All Depends


younger guy - depends


At the end of the day, it is compatibility that will measure the success of your relationship. If he acts like a total jerk but it suits your personality, the partnership will click no matter what. If he is a shy guy and you are the same, the relationship may brought you nothing but boredom. Everything cannot be predicted so what you need to do is wait, have patience and don’t be afraid to try.

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