2 steps after first date

2 Steps to Take after the First Date

You just made it home after an amazing first date. You really like this person and you see promise in the relationship. So what do you do now? Several people have heard of the two day rule. If not it goes like this: do not call, text, or email the person you went out with for two days. The purpose of course is to give the perception that you are not desperate and that you have other options on the table. Well, I am going to suggest that you throw this rule out. Below I will give you a simple two step system will not make you look desperate and pushy, and keep the interest flames burning!

The first step, Acknowledgement: Let the other person know that you did have a great time. Mention the parts that really stood out in the date, the place you went, the conversation you had, or the interesting fact that you found out about your date. This can be communicate several ways, text, call, or email. Keep it short and to the point, if the conversation grows from there great! If not don’t worry, if your mindset going into is just a simple memo then you should be fine. also stay away from physical attributes at this moment. You do not want you date to think you were only interested in their body!

Step Two: If you want to meet up with them again and you feel that there is mutual attraction then ask. There is no need to wait twenty four hours to let them know you had fun and to ask them out again for the following weekend. A great second date can be a quick bite after work or lunch during the week, if they are super busy you might be able to grab coffee before work for a quick twenty minute date!. Having a second date that has a time limit is great! It will eliminate a lot of small talk, because of the time constraint most people will bypass the needless chit chat and get right down to business. In this case it would be to solidify the relationship. This will keep both of you wanting more, if there is a connection. And you do not have to worry about planning a big production for a second date. A great closer would be an invite for a third date!

Sure, there are no guarantees in life, but following the steps above will help lead you in your dating quest. To find out what to do after the second date stay turned. More great dating advice articles are on their way!

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