3 tips to talking on phone

3 Tricks When Talking on the Phone with a Woman You Have Met Online

You have met an interesting woman online. You two had a great time chatting online and she decided to give you her phone number. Now you have to make her want to see you face to face, and the phone is your only tool. Here are 3 tricks to help you become more successful! The…

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Tools For Picking-Up Girls

We all know that approaching woman isn’t easy. It can be embarrassing and downright difficult. But, if you know what you are doing and have faith in your own forces you can get the one you like.   Impressing a woman is not an easy task, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience…

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first date advice, first impressions,

First Impression: Advice For That First Date

First dates are tough situations. Oftentimes, they can end up being painfully awkward. So what do you do? The most important aspect of the first date is the first impression. We will give you some advice below on how to make the most our of your first impression. What follows are a list of dating…

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2 steps after first date

2 Steps to Take after the First Date

You just made it home after an amazing first date. You really like this person and you see promise in the relationship. So what do you do now? Several people have heard of the two day rule. If not it goes like this: do not call, text, or email the person you went out with…

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Only You Can Decide If Your Interracial Love Will Stand the Test of Time

Interracial dating has really evolved over the past two decades due to the fact that the younger generations have had the chance to grow up in multicultural communities, allowing them to interact and make friends with individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Although this has provided them with a different perspective and fewer prejudices,…

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finding mr right,

Finding Mr. Right

    You think you know exactly what you want in a man, right? You can probably even list the attributes, qualities and qualifications that your future husband needs in order to apply for the job of your mate. I had a three-tiered system myself. First, there were the requirements: an interesting profession (preferably in…

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Making Dangerous Dating Assumptions

When men and women are dating, they always seem to make assumptions about what is going on in the other person’s mind. They have already decided on what the other person is thinking, what the other person wants, or what they need. Assuming things like this will lead to nowhere, fast. All that you will…

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laugh,women,make,woman,laughing,laughter,attract women,woman,funny,humor,technique,practice

Put Laugh In Your Love Life: Make Women Laugh And Attract Them

Would you like to attract women in your life? Then make them laugh. This is part of a Chinese quote and it is true. Women love to laugh and will do anything to have some fun one or the other way. Women will kill for someone who makes them laugh. Laughter is the key to…

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pick up artist techniques

Pick Up Artist Techniques

Sometimes the first thing guys want to do when they meet a girl is show her that they understand GAME. They’ll start talking about evolution, alpha males, how girls will always cheat on their boyfriends, how they know girls like intimacy more than guys etc. From now on, I will refer to this nonsense as…

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overcoming rejection, dealing with, being rejected

Overcoming Rejection

now that I am have swum a few laps in the online dating pool, I am cogitating another crackpot theories of life. it’s about rejection. or not hitting it off. or not being compatible. or refusing to compromise. which could all be the same thing, more or less, depending on how you look at it.…

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