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How betrayed lovers can carry on

Love gives life and a break up takes away a life. Why a lover can not live normally after a bad break up? What if one also feels betrayed after the breakup? These questions are as ancient as the civilization. Exploring romantic love – Let us explore some more about romantic love and break ups.…

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Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

So, is it her birthday? Your anniversary? A gift for valentine’s day perhaps? Or simply, is it a simple yet meaningful token of your expression of love for her? Sometimes, one does not have to wait for a special occasion to give that loved one of yours that present that will last her the whole…

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The Secret Of The Perfect Kiss- Part Two

Kiss Her Lips Without Touching Them (The Non-Kiss) Have you seen that movie called “Derailed” with Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owens, where he says he can kiss her lips without touching them? Well when women see that, about 80% of them hold their breath and shiver in anticipation (the other 20% scream: “get on with…

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Friendship And Love

Friendship and love. Both are so much related to each other. And both are so dissimilar! What are the differences between friendship and love? Is platonic friendship possible between persons of opposite sex? Let us try and understand. What is friendship? Why do we call a person our friend? When do we call someone a…

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The Secret Of The Perfect Kiss

Set The Mood Set the mood by treating her like a queen. Take care of her every need so she can just lay back and let the day’s stresses wash away. If it’s your first date, just relax, take your time and make the entire date all about her (which means you have to tell…

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The Sex Trap: When Singles Confuse Sex and Love

As I had my morning coffee, the “Dear Abby” column caught my eye. A reader wrote in with a dating dilemma and ended her letter with that often-heard stereotype that “Women use sex to get love, and men use love to get sex.” This is a great summation of the “Sex Trap.” For singles who…

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The Shady Side of Dating & How to Avoid the Big Trap – Dating Advice for Men

One of the most recurring mental blocks men face before they date is their eagerness to plunge into a deep, stable and unbreakable relationship. We must realize that men and women think, act and decide differently. Women thoroughly relish the long swelling waves of romancing that go up and down in their minds. They feel…

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Will You Survive a Relationship Breakdown?

Relationships connect us in this world with each other. We have many kinds of relationships-parental, sibling, friends, professional and love. We go through many phases in all these relationships. Ups and downs are part of our life and our relationships. Most of us can bear break down in most of the above relationships except those…

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6 Steps to Write Your Own Love Letter

You want to tell your partner how you feel about them but you end up staring at a blank screen for so long you give up. Or you try a few lines only to delete them all and start over. Again. Why is it so hard to tell the loved one in our life exactly…

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You Can Improve Your Relationship

It seems as if creating successful relationships with our significant others and parenting children are two of the most difficult jobs we face and yet we get no formal training in either. It’s as if people believe that we are born with an inherent ability to do these two things. Yet, look around us. In…

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